We are a team of trained professionals for Zendesk Implementation.

Our in-house experts offer Zendesk knowledge base for clients to understand the software better. We have expertise in working with organizations around the globe across multiple industries.


Empower your teams with the right tools to positively impact your bottom line


Deliver World-Class Customer Service So You Can Increase Loyalty​


And saw their requests solved 17% faster.

From Strategic Implementation To Always-On Service, Route 101 Are Excellently Placed To Help Your Business See The Results You Need From Your Zendesk.

Helping you to:

Zendesk CRM Integration

Zenver's Zendesk CRM integration solutions ensure the seamless processes of third-party integration, marketing automation, telephony, web analytics, contact management, and more.

Zendesk Mobile Customization

We perform Zendex mobile customization for iOS and Android platforms. Android's SDK supports 33 languages and full support for RTL (right-to-left) languages, while the iOS SDK is compatible with Swift 4.0 and higher.

Zendesk Migration Solutions​

Our Zendesk migration solutions allow for the migration of features such as tickets, contacts, notes, knowledge, and custom field, while being able to automate processes, keep relations between objects, and easily change fields mapping.

Zendesk Upgrade Services​

Our developers perform up-gradation services that enable easy access specifically for agents, public access to forums, tailored forum configurations, and scalable security.

Zendesk Web Widget Installation

We provide installation services, installing the Web Widget API that facilitates the various functionalities such as ticketing, live chat, help center, and much more.

Zendesk Reporting API

Our Zendesk reporting solutions give an understanding of how support and administration are performing, and provides up-to-date data on ticket volume and management.

What does it mean to be a Zendesk Master Partner?

Our qualifications as a Master Partner, and a Master Implementation Partner are an acknowledgment of our extensive experience deploying and supporting Zendesk across a variety of industries.

These accreditations are also an acknowledgement of the specialist skills possessed by our team.

Zendesk services to transform your CX

Route 101 has an extremely close relationship with the Zendesk team in the UK, which is why our team can deliver such great value – helping you optimise your Zendesk to transform your customer experience and seamlessly deliver support across multiple channels.

Whether you’re just starting out and could use some guidance or you’ve been using Zendesk for a while but think you could do more with the platform, we can help you.


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