How We Increase Sales For Dream Home

Client Name :-  Dream Home

Industry        :-  Interior and Architectural

Location       :-  Nagpur, Maharashtra 

Dream Home Case Study By Zenver

The Challenge

Dream Home , a construction establishment specialising in building apartments and rental homes, had reached out to us in November 2020 with a specific target in mind. We were approached with the intent to help one of their projects gain maximum awareness across major cities of India and to generate high quality leads, which would turn into prospective buyers for their luxury holiday home.

Dream Home Residencies in Nagpur was designed as a fusion of modern, contemporary structural intelligence with a surrounding ambience of lush, greenery. With the location of the project being having a highly competitive real estate market across India, we analysed their brand’s digital presence.

We conducted an audit of their existing sites and social profiles to factor in areas of improvement and ultimately engage people enough to converse with Dream Home  about Dream Home . We identified solutions to help boost both, brand and project awareness 

  • Identified a niche audience. (residents of other states)
  • Ran area specific google ads 
  • Using social media profiles to promote and convince prospective buyers.

Solution – 

We set out initially to better understand the target audience for the project. Upon discussing with Dream Home, about the Nagpur  market and the type of clients they would like to cater to, we understood that our efforts would be targeted towards residents of other states. Our approach was to build brand awareness through engaging posts on their social media profiles and also to use creative ads, placed under relevant searches. 

Keyword research is an integral part of setting up a campaign. By understanding how prospective buyers of real estate search and integrating that information in the ads, to make those that see the ad understand the things they’re looking for in a holiday home.

Since the project was at its latter stages our primary objective was to ensure that as many apartments as possible would sell out before the opening and to go on advertising them until all flats would sell out.

Through a span of 4 and a half months we ran time sensitive, informative ads on platforms like Google search and Facebook. From the beginning, the competition for advertising under some specific keywords had been high but by better ranking and optimization of all aspects of their online presence we were able to successfully utilize Google ads and in return manage a high rate of conversion for a low cost. In the initial month of Dream Home reaching out to us, their website and landing pages were low traffic and no leads were generated. 

Brand awareness was built upon multiple factors; Previous projects, work being done, its surroundings and the lifestyle that surround it were highlighted to give customers a distinctive and memorable trait of owning a beautiful vacation home in Nagpur , built by Dream Home.

Running split tests helped determine whether to run ads based upon vacation homes or relocation homes. It was noticed that a considerable amount of people invested in homes in Nagpur  to rent them out themselves later, so based on that knowledge we also made efforts to depict owning a home in Nagpur  as an investment.

By running ads across affluent areas of 8 major cities of India like Delhi and Bombay, we portrayed Dream Home as a part of the buyer’s successful attempt in living a beachline in Nagpur . Contact forms were set up to generate interested leads but the first month had a small budget, thus limiting the potential of reach the ads have. Regardless, we manage impressions averaging about overall ₹18.65 cost per click. 

Dream Home believed in the growth and increased budget which then had a direct positive impact in the second month. The budget was doubled and the number of conversions also increased . The impressions also reached  3,768 from 1,721 which shows a 119% increase in impressions and the average cost per click reduced to  ₹21.60 from ₹22 per click.

The following months brought the most growth in all aspects. Average cost per click dropped to nearly as low as below ₹15 in March and about 63 prospects filled in the contact form. But come the end of March, we achieved our target, well before the opening.

The Results

With our advanced ad strategies & detailed targeting we were able to achieve the following:

Set up successful Google ad campaigns

Dropped the price of each conversion

Created a significant reputation for La Palma and Dream Home .

Sold out all apartments before expected.